• You have 2 possibilities to start/stop a charging session: using a Nissan Charging key or using the Nissan Charge App. Sometimes only the Charging Key option is available – it depends on the charging point operator.
  • On the Nissan Charge App, click on a charging station to see all detailed information.
  • Once you are in front of the charging station, please always follow the indication on the charger screen.

Starting a session with the app:

 On the map, click on the charging station you want to use. Detailed information about the charging station status will appear. Click on the “Start” button to start a session.  This button is only shown at stations that are app-payable.

Starting a session with the Charging Key:

 Hold the Charging Key to the marked connecting point (RFID reader) and the charging session will start after a few seconds.

Have a problem with charging?

  • If the station is not working or if there is a problem with the station itself, please contact the operator directly. The hotline number can be found directly on the station or on our app.
  • If you have a problem with the Nissan Charge app or your charging key, please contact the Customer Service for your respective country.